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Physicians and other medical professionals are required to maintain professional licenses issued by a state board, which certifies them as eligible to practice the profession in the state. However, events may trigger investigations that could ultimately lead to formal administrative complaints that, if not properly defended, could result in limitations on or the suspension of a professional license.

If you are involved in a professional license investigation and need guidance, Williamson Health Law  is here to assist. We represent licensed health care professionals of all types, including physicians, psychologists, social workers and chiropractors throughout metro Detroit and all of Michigan in defending complaints against professional licenses. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these often-complex matters. We can help you evaluate the merit of the complaint, assess the potential for substantiation, and manage your risk, and we use our knowledge to structure a strong case and advocate for the best and least disruptive outcome.

When Licenses Are In Jeopardy

There are many situations that can lead to an investigation of your licensure as a medical professional. The types of events that can trigger an investigation may include:

  • Complaints lodged by patients or family members of patients
  • Complaints by other licensees
  • Issues involving your employer or a larger health care organization
  • Criminal charges, whether related to your personal life or employment
  • Audits

Regardless of the situation, it is essential that you retain an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. We will step in at any stage of the complaint and investigation process, although the earlier we become involved, the more thoroughly we can protect you and your license. Preferably, we are involved at the point of first contact by the state agency.

We have experience representing providers in investigations by the Bureau of Health Professions (BHP) and Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), the organizations that typically lead investigations into professional licensure issues. If you are contacted by someone from LARA or other professional licensing organizations, or if you find out that you are the subject of a complaint and/or investigation, contact our office for a consultation.

Get More Information On Professional License Defense

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